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Fresh Artists is an award-winning, innovative nonprofit empowering young lives through art and philanthropy. Creating the ability for generous and talented children to make a real difference in their world, Fresh Artists engages children as full partners in philanthropy, advocates for quality public education by installing huge reproductions K-12 children’s artwork in highly visible places, and delivers art supplies and innovative art programs to severely underfunded public schools throughout America.  It’s a unique circle of giving where children’s art fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making. Continue reading...

$50 buys enough art supplies for one child for a full year.

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Art Teacher 2021 Art Kit Grant Application

It’s that time of year again! Fresh Artists is pleased to announce our 14th annual grant cycle to give free art supplies to full-time art teachers in schools where 70% or more of the students qualify for Free and Reduced-price Lunches. We’ve been working all year, raising funds to provide new, quality art supply kits to fill your shelves, refresh your classroom, and make sure your students have supplies to work with at home or at school. This year we're doing something a little different to best serve all teachers, whether you're teaching in person or remotely.

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