Chip Art

An exploration in design that invites children to use donated paint chips and recycled cardboard to create brilliant, mosaic-like artwork.

What can you do with recycled cardboard and cut-up paint sample chips? Create one-of-a-kind works of art, says Fresh Artists! And save obsolete paint chips from the landfill.

In honor of Behr Paint Company's 75th anniversary, they have generously sponsored the creation, fabrication, and shipment of 1,000 Chip Art Kits to qualifying Art Teachers! Every Chip Kit is packed with care by Fresh Artists and Behr team members.

How Chip Art came to be....

Our good friend and legendary veteran Philadelphia Art Teacher, Robyn Miller, brought old paint color chips she saved from home decorating projects into her classroom for her students to use for delightful paper mosaics on recycled cardboard squares. We were completely smitten by the vibrant colors, the heavy weight paper and the gorgeous art her young 3rd to 5th graders made with this destined-for-the dumpster throw-away! We approached Behr Paint Company and when they heard our idea, detoured millions of obsolete colored paint chips that were on their way to landfills….and shipped them to us! With help from Robyn and Art teacher, Leslie Grace, we now give away 100’s of "Chip Art" classroom kits to qualified Art Teachers throughout the country!

We now have 6 lesson plans that span from about 2nd grade through 12th:  Health Food Choices, Sunflowers, Tools of Creativity, Selfies (elementary school self-portraits), Honored Elders (teens portraits of important mentors in their lives), and Islamic Tiles. We are getting ready to launch our 7th title, Gee’s Bend Quilts.

How It Works

How to Reserve Your Chip-Kit:

Any full-time Art Teacher who teaches in a K-12 public school where 70% or more of the students qualify for Free or Reduced-price Lunch can apply to reserve a kit. Scroll below to fill out our short application form. If your school qualifies you will receive an email with next steps.

Registration for our Fall Chip Art Kit cycle will close: October 14th, 2022

*Art Teachers that register after October 14th, 2022 will be automatically placed in our next grant cycle and will receive notification.

Special Edition Chip Art Kits will ship in late fall 2022.

What's in a Chip Art Kit?

This paper mosaic program-in-a-box explores design, color theory, dexterity, and Core math language. Each kit, produced in collaboration with Behr Paint Company, packages end-of-life, recycled paint chip samples, providing enough paint chip samples to serve approximately 150 children.

A Chip Art Kit Includes: Hundreds of Behr paint samples in an array of vibrant colors!

  • 4 lesson plans created by Fresh Artists & a team of public-school Art Teachers
  • Classroom poster featuring examples of children’s completed Chip Art masterpieces
  • Art Teacher Demo Kit: 1 4oz Elmer's Glue-All, 1 Artist Chamois, 2 pieces of yellow chalk, 1 chisel tip Sharpie marker generously donated by our partners Blick Art Materials
  • QR code to a step-by-step instructional Chip Art video

Free refill chips for our Chip Art Kits are available on the Fresh Artists website. Thanks to our friends at Behr, our supply of these obsolete paint color chips is endless!

PINKY PROMISE:  I promise never to snitch paint color chips from any paint department.

I understand that I can get free refills for the Chip Art Kit directly from Fresh Artists.

Apply for a CHIP ART KIT

Please provide us with information about you and your organization. Free Chip Art Kits are awarded to any full-time Art Teacher who teaches in a K-12 public school where 70% or more of the students qualify for Free or Reduced-price Lunch.

In honor of their 75th anniversary, Behr Paint Company has generously sponsored this program so shipping costs are free for qualifying Art Teachers!

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