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From large corporate installations to individual donations, you can help us fund public school art for the next generation of students.

Featured Artist
Anthony Stagliano
, Grade
Featured Artist
Anthony Stagliano
, Age

For Businesses

Participate in our Corporate Art Program

When corporations make a donation to help us deliver art supplies and innovative art programs to severely underfunded public schools across the country, they are thanked with a custom installation of beautiful artwork donated by Fresh Artist students.

For Schools & Teachers

Submit Student Artwork to the Student Collection

Give your students the opportunity to take an active part in helping the world around them by submitting your student’s artwork to be considered for the Fresh Artists Student Collection!

Do a Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sale

Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sale is a grassroots program that enables any child or group of children to make, exhibit and donate their artwork to raise funds for art supplies in severely under-resourced public schools. One child or a group of kids can make art and then host a Clothesline Art Sale to benefit a local school with empty art supply shelves.

For Community & Individuals

Shop products featuring student art

By shopping our collection of products ranging from memory games to totes to wall prints, you’re supporting our organization and our foundational student programs for years to come.

Give a personal donation to Fresh Artists

Your contribution today leads to a better, more creative tomorrow. Help us deliver art supplies and innovative art programs to children attending underfunded public schools throughout the country! A gift of just $25 a month can deliver enough high-quality art supplies for 3,629 children this school year.