Corporate Art Program

Transform your workplace and the community by choosing Fresh Artists brilliant artwork for your corporate interior.

When corporations make a donation that delivers art supplies and programs to underfunded public schools, they are rewarded with custom installations of beautiful artwork donated by students.

Installation Collection

Our large-scale digital reproductions of children’s art will transform your workplace into a hospitable, vibrant, and meaningful environment. Our online collection of more than 2,250 diverse works and professional installation options makes it easy for your company to choose art that fits its unique style, space, and brand.

Student Collection

All of the artwork in our curated collection has been generously donated by more than 2,200 students, whom we call “Fresh Artist Philanthropists”. A child selected to become a Fresh Artist Philanthropist radiates confidence knowing their artwork “is going to work to change the world”.

The Process

We have more than 16 years of experience working with corporations to energize their office space and make an impact on the community. Our process is easy, affordable and most importantly meaningful.

We are a turnkey Corporate Art Program that handles everything from artwork selection and placement, to professional installation. First, we do an initial walk-through and site-survey of your space to hear your ideas about where you would like art and if you have any preferences in style. We then send you a complete proposal with a donation request. Your donation is tax-deductible and directly supports the delivery of art supplies and innovative art programs to unfunded public schools nationwide.

Utilizing the latest in large-format digital printing, Fresh Artists offers a wide selection of installation types. Listed below are just a few of our standard offerings but sky is the limit and our on-staff environmental graphic designer can work with your team to create something that is not only spectacular, but one-of-a-kind.

Second Surface Acrylic

Second Surface Acrylic artwork is printed on the reverse of quarter-inch clear acrylic. All panels are affixed to the wall with 1” spun aluminum standoffs, giving an elegant appearance of floating. A museum-quality acrylic wall label with student information accompanies each artwork.

Wallpaper and Wraps

Our artwork is also available in a wide selection of commercial wallcoverings, adding visual impact to your space. Interior wallcoverings are available on GREENGUARD certified media. A museum-quality acrylic wall label with student information accompanies each artwork.

Exterior Installations

Fresh Artists artwork can also adorn the walls of your exterior spaces to bring the color from inside to the outdoors! Utilizing exterior grade vinyl and over-laminate wrapped over quarter-inch aluminum composite material and hung with stainless steel stand-offs, you can be sure your exterior prints will last.

Donor Benefits


Our professional corporate art team handles everything from site survey, exhibit design, curation, installation and art refreshes to fulfill your company’s unique artwork needs.


All donations to Fresh Artists,  a 501(c)(3), are tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows. (PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations #37052)

Team / Employee

We offer an optional team-building exercise that invites your entire staff to have the fun of participating in the first round selections of art choices on a private, custom online “voting site.”

Community Impact

Your donation fills empty classroom shelves with high-quality art supplies and supports innovative art programs in underfunded public schools nationwide.

Co-branded Merchandising

Freshen up your company’s brand with our customizable merchandise for impactful corporate gifts with a story to tell.

Non-Admitted Asset

Unlike most “original” artwork, Fresh Artists art doesn’t require corporate donors to register the pieces as an asset and doesn’t require any kind of additional insurance.

“No other donation has had an impact the way that working with Fresh Artists has. We can point to the installation and be reminded of the good that our contribution continues to provide. ”

Debra Johnson, Happy Donor Organization

Art Teachers in most of the schools we serve have ZERO budget for art supplies. Period. Many art teachers must survive by being exhaustingly and relentlessly resourceful, relying on the kindness of community organizations or, more typically, resorting to using their own grocery money to buy their students consumable materials.

Because of generous corporations like yours, hundreds of thousands of children have access to materials such as juicy new colored markers, air-dry clay, luminous watercolor sets, brilliantly-hued tempera paints, fat sketch pads, fluffy and fine-lined paintbrushes, vivid Cray-Pas pastels and reams of bright construction paper. The kids can’t fail to be successful.

In addition, your company will help us deliver innovative art programs to thousands of schools nationwide that nurture artistic excellence, expose students to careers in the creative economy and build life skills needed for success.

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