Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sales

An innovative grassroots program that enables any child or group of children to make, show and donate their artwork to raise funds to deliver art supplies in severely under-resourced public schools.

Clotheslines Art Sales are fun and impactful. One child or a group of kids can make art and then host a Clothesline Art Sale to benefit a local school with empty art supply shelves. Schools, faith-based groups, neighborhood kids, scouts, families or a single child looking for a fun and meaningful project can host a sale.

We are grateful to Sakura of America for their generous sponsorship of a limited number of free Clothesline Art Sale Kits containing a class-pack of Junior Cray-pas in addition to all the great Fresh Artists loot.

Fresh Artists supplies everything you need - 5 Clothesline story/workbooks for kids containing a simple, kid-friendly checklist to ensure the sale runs smoothly, a classpack of Sakura Junior Cray-pas, a big banner and all the graphics to promote the project. Sale attendees are invited to view the art, make a minimum suggested donation to deliver art supplies to schools in need, and select a work of art from the show’s Clothesline to take home.

To apply for a free Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sale Kit, register with the link below. Once verified, you will receive an email containing a link and a promo code to order the Kit on our website. The complete Kit is free to you, all you will need to pay is the flat-rate shipping cost: $13.45.

The free Sakura Clothesline Art Sale Kits are first-come, first-served. You will choose one of two ways to use the proceeds from your Sale:

1. As a fund-raiser for art supplies for your own school in need or

2. To share the proceeds equally between your own underfunded school and another school needing support - either a school of your choice or one of the hundreds of underfunded schools Fresh Artists works with.

Register to run a clothesline art sale

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