Fresher & Local: Fresh Artists Clothesline Art Shows!

Innovative nonprofit Fresh Artists launches its Clothesline Art Sale program available to all public schools.


Fresher and Local: Fresh Artists Clothesline Art Shows!

The Fresh Artists Clothesline Art Show program springs from the publication of our first children's book, Pablo, the Philly Philanthropist.  The book tells the story of 8 year-old Pablo, who was always getting in trouble for drawing when he ought to be doing something "more important." In the story, Pablo's artwork is discovered by Fresh Artists. He learns how Fresh Artists works, consults with his aunt about being a philanthropist, and readily agrees to include his picture in the Fresh Artists' collection.  As Pablo learns about "philanthropy", he sees that his artwork has the power to bring art supplies to hundreds of children in need.  

As we developed the story, we realized that not every child's artwork could be included in the Fresh Artists' collection, so we designed a way for any child, or groups of children, to make, show, sell and donate the proceeds from the art sale to purchase art supplies for a school in their community that is struggling with severe under-funding of their art program.

The Fresh Artists Clothesline Art Show program will provide guidelines for organizing the show with templates to download from our website. The kit will contain sheets of Pablo-branded art labels, nametags, certificates of artistic and philanthropic achievement, and a simple reporting form to send back to Fresh Artists so we can keep track of the good works of children around the country...and the world!  

We are hoping this program will encourage, engage and empower children of all ages to hold a clothesline art sale and see the fruits of their creativity and generosity. We will be offering this program to one or 100 kids, in neighborhoods, scouting programs (wouldn't this make a terrific Brownie or Cub scout badge?), faith-based organizations, public and private schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, PAL centers, and through the network of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  A Fresh Artists Clothesline Art Sale can be one child making artwork, hanging it up in the back yard, and inviting his or her family and neighbors to come, see and buy...or an entire school supporting schools in need.  The sky's the limit!  

Please email ideas of how we can spread the word. We are interested in your feedback as we design this engaging little grassroots initiative to empower children as philanthropists.

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