Two years of Blick Give and Get Delivers Half a Million Dollars in Art Supplies to Schools Nationwide!

After the successful Blick 2021 summer Give and Get donation drive, Fresh Artists and Blick teamed up again this year for their second Give and Get drive. Responding to the severe lack of funding in art education, in June 2022 59 Blick stores nationwide set up donation tables featuring a selection of their local art teachers’ wish-list supplies for their classrooms.


This year was another huge success for the Give and Get, ending with a grand-total of 44,262 much-needed art materials being sent directly to 108 art teachers in critically under-resourced public-school classrooms across the country.


One Art teacher exclaimed, “This is such a wonderful program.  My students and I are extremely grateful for the generous donation of high-quality supplies.  I don't really have a budget for materials, so this is truly appreciated.”

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Blick staff were dedicated to the success of the program, informing customers about the Give and Get and encouraging them to donate to their local school. Blick customers who purchased the wish-list materials received an in-store coupon to thank them in return.


It only took a few months for over 40 thousand different art materials to be accumulated for our benefitting schools! The generosity of Blick customers once again ensured that boxes of brand-new, high-quality art materials would make their way to thousands of students for the second year in a row! Art teachers and students were able to start their school years with fresh sketchbooks, paints, pencils, and more to explore, create, and express themselves with. 


Another Art Teacher expressed, “Students LOVE getting to use new validates every creative soul's purpose and joy in this life. - Art Teacher

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Here's what more Art Teachers had to say:

“My AP class was THRILLED with the supplies. It was like Christmas morning when we were unpacking them. Our students are very socioeconomically disadvantaged, so these supplies made them feel special and gave them tools to succeed on the AP exam.” - Art Teacher


"This is such a wonderful program. I cannot thank you enough of the materials that my school was able to receive and utilize in three different visual arts elective classes. Thank you so much!" - Art Teacher


"To say that you are appreciated is an understatement. Thank you for making my job easier! I can offer my students so much more, because supplies are quite spendy as well as consumable. I am fully aware of the costs, the efforts and the big- hearted intentions behind your program. You make a positive impact on our school community. Thank you!" - Art Teacher 


"I am so grateful for this program. I have not been able to budget for nice drawing pencils and sketchbooks for my advanced artists and they have been so happy to use them. I have seen my students flourish." - Art Teacher


"This program has been so helpful and has really helped me create a truly fun and creative experience for my students. Not having to worry about supplies and providing the best of the best supplies to my students has really engaged them in visual arts. All of my students love art class and are so proud of their work." - Art Teacher