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Imani B. Alexis Bloom Joshua Brown Cashmeir F., Grade 12 Ruth Farias, Grade 4 Ajae Hardy-Lewis, Grade 1 Jasmine H., Grade 12 Syeed Haynes Shannon Kanak Alice Ong James Snyder, Grade 7 Lung Ung


Art Teachers:
Renee Braun, Duckrey Elementary School
Caitlin Curley, Edmonds Elementary School
John Fantine, Philadelphia High School for Creative & Performing Arts
Geraldine Glisson, Norristown Area High School
Beth Hartman, Olney Elementary
Andrea Keefe, Central High School
Robyn Miller, Hancock Elementary School

Marsha Schamber, Martin Luther King, Jr. High School
Anne Schechter, Masterman School