Cool Jobs launches with the help of good friends

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You could hear a pin drop when Barbara Allen brought members of the Cool Jobs Advisory Committee into this empty, 20,000 square foot space and asked them "Imagine". . . . imagine 540 seventh grade students from local public schools meeting artists, designers and makers who introduce them to careers they can love for life. Goosebumps.


Design professionals from around the City met in our Collaboratory on December 4th to advise us on strategy for our big Cool Jobs 3-day, pop-up Expo in February 2016. They're helping us identify successful working artists -- chefs, photographers, designers and makers, who can demonstrate their work to creative teens. The goal: introduce 540 7th graders to jobs in the creative economy. 


As they left the morning meeting, many expressed their pride at being involved in this challenge -- one that could have a life-changing impact on young lives.


We are grateful to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for their support and encouragement of this ambitious project.