Philanthropist José joins FA as summer intern

José, a Fresh Artists philanthropist now at Benjamin Rush High School's acclaimed Arts Academy, spent this summer as a studio intern. Everybody gained from the experience.


We first met José when he was a 7th grader at Wissahickon Charter School. His art teacher, Deva Watson, saw promise in this young man and encouraged him to participate in Palates to Palettes -- a FA program that explores the intersection between fine arts and the culinary world, introducing kids to careers in art, design, culinary arts and hospitality management.  José excelled in his painting practice and quickly won his way into the hearts of FA staff.


This summer, under the tutelge of the FA staff, José learned the fine points of  PhotoShop and honed his design skills in the process. He also designed "family members" for a new FA product: Hip Households. All told, it was a great summer for José and for all of us!